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Privacy Policy

The privacy of people who view and visit this site is very important and this is the reason why we protect their data properly. In determining the gathered as well as used information from the visitors/users, the implements this privacy policy. We require all visiting individuals to review our imposed policy guideline before they proceed in reading and using the published content or services, which include sharing data. For visitors/users who need to utilize our site, they will need to agree on the aforementioned practices based on this guideline.

Collecting Data

The gathered information or details from visiting individuals usually include the name, address, email, age, gender and other relevant data we need during the actual visit. The collection of data however only happens when the visitors or users present them willingly. We use the submitted data or details from these people if there is an agreement and not use them if the visitors/users decline the request.

Checking and Gathering of Cookies

One of our responsibilities also is to make sure we check and collect the exact web beacons or cookies from our site. These cookies may include those coming from EU with proper consent. This is very important to help us track the different visitors/users who are visiting us. Typically, we simply gather data about the browser and operating system of visitors/users who are viewing. We need to determine such information to verify the number of people who are viewing our content and on how they use our site. The collected data are only for the purpose of boosting our online visibility and improving our services better.

Sharing of Data

The allocation of information involves only some government agencies and companies with the same intentions to help in determining fraudulent issues or investigations. When sharing them to other involved parties, we make sure this action is legitimate.

Privacy Policy Alteration

We have the power to modify the information on our policy and we do not need permission.