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Did an unidentified person texted or phoned you and it is a little intimidating because you do not know the number (814) 278-3359? We can help you check the origin of the number if you leave a personal comment about it on the field below.

Reverse Phone Lookup Information

  • Phone Number: 814-278-3359
  • Phone Type: Landline
  • Phone Company: Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc.
  • Country:USA - United State
  • City: State College
  • County: Centre

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1 Comments for 814-278-3359

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July 30, 2015
This number just called me and I pressed the option to speak to a representative. They said they are Intracoastal Processing Services. Asked how they can help and I said I dont know, you called me. He said he would have to go downstairs to the legal department to pull the file if I wanted to discuss it. I said I dont really care either way, you called me. If you want to discuss it then go get it. He said well theres a warrant for your arrest. And hung up. I think this is so funny. I am well educated in my rights when it comes to debt collectors. Its 99% likely to be a scam. First of all I have not received a dunning letter and by law they cannot threaten to arrest you for an old debt. Legally, I could file a complaint and sue them! I imagine they are a junk debt buyer. I have several old debts that are past the legal time limit to sue. What they do is sell those files off to junk debt buyers for pennies on the dollar who in turn try to collect. DONT fall for it. If you set up a payment arrangement you re-start the clock for civil prosecution. They cannot issue a warrant or arrest you. These companies will try to scare you into giving them money on old debts that the original creditor has written off and they are violating the FDCPA if they threaten you.

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