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Phone Listings From Area Code 952-974 State Of Minnesota

  • Area Code : 952-974
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Qwest Corporation
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Eden Prairie
  • County: Hennepin

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Latest Comments for 952-974

July 1 9:20 am
You NEVER should have done that! They buy debt that is very very old & way past statute dates for it to even be collectible.Always deny, deny, deny!

July 4 9:50 am
Recd four calls today and didnt mean to answer the Bluetooth in my car. I heard a recording say Goodbye, nothing else.

July 13 7:24 am
We have caller i.d. and it also appears on our t.v. if we have it on. If we dont recognize the number that comes up we dont answer...period. Id never give money over the phone anyway. Any donations we make are local. Had a real problem with my father-in-law receiving all these solicitation calls and calls say hed won a sweepstakes but needed to send money to find out. He sent it and then theyd call and say they needed more. And one day I walked in and my father was about to give out his social security number over the phone. Thank goodness I stopped him. It was some kind of scam too. These type calls often target senior citizens because they may be more vulnerable. And always remember that nobody is going to give you something for nothing.

August 1 6:10 am
Dont know speakin spanish Recording

August 10 4:50 am
Don't know this number!!!???

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