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Phone Listings From Area Code 919-764 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 919-764
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Mcimetro Access Transmissio...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Creedmoor
  • County: Granville

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Latest Comments for 919-764

August 5 2:19 pm
This number called me, I did answer even though I knew I didnt know anyone in WA state as caller id indicated.They claimed to be from Card Services- and I have paid cc on time for the last 12 months- which is true- they said I was eligible to lower my interest rate to 6%. I asked which company they were calling about- they said they did both Visa and MC- which is not what I asked- and he said to look on the back of my cc to verify the name.He was reading from a script. I was asking questions, and asked him not to read- he said hed been doing this for 7 years and didnt need a script. I said, well, slow down and lets talk.I asked - do you have my cc information? He said no, I just came up in a data base, then he said since I seemed interested he would have to pass me on to a specialist, and handed the phone off...when the new lady came on I asked why I was being transfer and why I couldnt talk to the guy. She said he was new. I said, well, he said hed been doing this for 7 years, the lady said, well, good by mame, and hung up on me.

August 4 10:14 am
This number is cops they trying to get whatever number or any information that number. Like example if were a gang member and have drug dealing business and u get caught. They will use that phone service have there start calling whoever number inside your phone. Once call person they can get load of your information and hidden picture messaging and anything that has what inside specially when have a smartphone by answering your phone so it best not to answer call like those.

July 16 10:23 pm
I got a text from this number with a link telling me to go to it to retrieve the remainder of a Best Buy gift card.

July 30 2:36 pm
My sympathies. I'm in PEI and a guy called asking for my mom by her first and last name. He did'nt seem to be very egar to tell me the purpose for the call either......There's got to be a way to at least figure out where they are calling from.

August 21 1:28 pm
Others repot the same info that I have.  Some guys leaves a msg about a criminal law suit....attempting to be intimidating, I suppose.

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