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Phone Listings From Area Code 919-472 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 919-472
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier Communications Of...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Durham
  • County: Durham

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Latest Comments for 919-472

July 17 8:29 am
Was expecting delivery on Saturday and so answered phone to this number. Thought perhaps it was a new Toronto area code ( which is where I live) sure enough it was my delivery person

July 24 1:14 pm
after answering and being polite with my no i bought a whistle that i just blow into the phone and only received one call after that it will only mess up their hearing for a few days

August 14 1:21 pm
Liars scammers ripoff artists con artists lie about rates leases everything stole $1000s from me they are a bunch of scammers in a boiler room in Montreal on cote DES neiges should be shut down by cops but they keep going with same scam and lies Run by Michael Karaguizian Daniel Talafre Steven Geffin

July 20 6:37 am
100 % scam !!! offer great (unrealistic) rates, then when they forget to process YOUR money and you decide to leave, try getting away without paying a huge and HIDDEN PENALTY!!!Caller: LOSERS ARE THEM

August 22 6:07 am
As of February 2012, this number is currently used by a member of Agape Baptist Church in Patterson, California. Most probably, they are returning a call.

August 18 12:28 pm
That's a Lie! I work for a company under contract for Visa/MC and many more. This phone number is tied to a company who has stolen your credit card information along with your name and phone number. They call to make sure the information is still usable.

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