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Phone Listings From Area Code 916-766 State Of California

  • Area Code : 916-766
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Sacramento
  • County: Sacramento

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Latest Comments for 916-766

July 9 8:41 am
On the iPhone, look at your recent calls. Click the blue circle with the i in it on the right of the number / call you would like to block; this opens the Info screen about that call. Scroll to the bottom, click Block this Caller. (this is how it works on the iPhone 6; guess they are all the same/similar).

July 27 12:12 pm
The same thing happen to me. A voice mail left regarding lawsuit on me, asking me to call back 202-864-1295. This is not the first call i got claiming themselves as irs, so it is my guess that this is a scam. After reading the posts from others, I can be most certain. First, i do not think that I owe any taxes. It is paid up every year. Secondly, i work for the government, and I know for important things like that they dont just call you. They will send you a letter. Third, the caller is a machine, not human.

July 29 8:50 pm
Im getting calls from this number two or four times a day and Im getting tired of it .

July 8 7:03 am
Mr./Ms. NHGranite. The DNC does not stop or block call regardless of how long you have been registered. It is just a list.

July 25 11:04 am
Calls everyday for Art school stated not interested, now they call and upon answering a pause with a hang up

July 4 1:29 am
People pretending to be my bank and telling me to call this number

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