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Phone Listings From Area Code 870-413 State Of Arkansas

  • Area Code : 870-413
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Pine Bluff
  • County: Jefferson

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Latest Comments for 870-413

August 7 2:02 am
I have no idea who a law office of Nichols or Grant are! Furthur more I have no business dealing with a company in New York. I recieved four calls from them today. I was informed to contact then or have my wife contact them. I was a victium of some kind of fraud. Yes! Their kind of fraud. They wanted to contact me pertaining to some kind of court proceeding her in our local county court! This sounds very likelty the same outfit that tried to through their weigh around a little while back. They were gussing with a different Sociaclal Security number. I told them that it was not my sociacial security number. They then started in on me as to how I had had my idenity stolen and need their help to streightened it out. I told the individueal I did not need his help and he got very angry with me.He started to cursing at me. He was very rude with me and told me that he would be the only one to fix my account and would have to us his firm. I told the person that I did not have to use any of my valuable time to waist on his crap. He was still holloring at me as I was hanging up!! Now today they start the same garbage agin.

July 16 9:08 pm
Dan,My son will be graduating from high school in May 2014. He is looking to go ahead and find a house so he has plenty of time to build it. My Dad built his home when I was 16 and has plenty of experience and is willing to help my son with this project. We are interested in the log cabin that you are selling for $3800. Can you send me pictures of what it looks like as well as pictures of other cabins so that he can make a decision on which cabin will be the best for him. Thank you!!

August 16 7:49 am
received spam text at 11:30 p.m. advertising for cash up to $1500 via a website

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