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Phone Listings From Area Code 786-360 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 786-360
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Miami
  • County: MiamiDade

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Latest Comments for 786-360

July 1 7:59 am
Received a call from a 704-251-7637 only one ring and it hangs up. Me thinking maybe something happened to the connection on my phone plus I was waiting for a reply back from I called back...ran me through an automated system told me I won blah blah blah...quickly someone who sounds like from India picked up and told me I have won $100 rebate card for Walmart/target/best buy, $2,000 savings coupon for local retailer/restaurants, and a $25 dining certificate. Me thinking wow too good to be true...whats the gimmick? So goes and tells me but their will be a small fee to ship it out of $2.95.she probably sense I was going to hang up. She tried to convince me to check out their website or company.I was not able to pull any thing up by the company name Iprox premium company- website discount kepted on saying what ever you do dont hang up..she said that 3x.from there it was a wrap...hung her all the reviews online and they went through what I went through. So be aware, you could be a possible victim and you might not even know it!

August 14 6:29 pm
BEWARE!!! A call came in asking to speak with who was in charge of our purchasing supplies. This person was a female and said she wanted to inform us that the cost of specific gloves was going up and they wanted us to be aware and wanted to send us some complimentry boxes of gloves along with a box of chocolates, and asked the size we generally ordered. About a week later we received two cases of gloves along with 2 bags of hard candy that anyone could pick up from a dollar store. Approximately a week later we received an invoice in the amount of $491.50. Now. can you imagine our shock at this invoice? When it was suppose to be complimentry, (free). 4 boxes of gloves to a case for $229.00, thats $57.25 a box, REALLY!!! These same boxes can be purchased at any retail store for less than $7.00 a box. I called this company to inquire how this went from being complimemtry (free) to $491.50, unless it was after the due date at which time the cost would be $522.98. I think not brother! You will be getting these boxes of vinyl back, compliments of of me...But hey, thanks for the candy. Im just curious, are you also the company that calls about Copier Toner? PS... This company has also been reported to the BBB on several separate occasions...

August 18 2:54 am

August 19 9:27 am
The person behind this telephone # indicates he and his wife have listed a car for sale on the net. The car is apparently in Ottawa and they live in Alabama.  Wife is pregnant and they need the money to buy a different car as the one advertised is too small.  They want 35% down and then MoneyBrokers will ship it to the owner at no extra charge.  This fellow has very broken English (possibly African accent).  This has scam written all over it.

August 7 2:15 pm
Every day I get a call at my home, my cell, or both from Rachel of Card Member Services. I have always pressed the number recommended to end future call, yet I continue to receive them.

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