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Phone Listings From Area Code 732-757 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 732-757
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Global Crossing Local Servi...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Asbury Park
  • County: Monmouth

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Latest Comments for 732-757

July 22 4:52 am
Youre using this page to show your left-wing lunatic stupidity? Guess I have to as well to point out the stupidity of your argument even though youll most likely never see this response but other, hopefully more intelligent, peeps will.YOU are the idiot in this case. When a person answers a robo call that person actually DOES confirm that the number the auto dialed dialed is indeed a good number & that a human answered & what time of day that human answered. No conspiracy about it, knucklehead. Once that number has been confirmed as a hot number you can bet more & more calls will be made to this number. Sometimes whats perceived as a good number is just a voicemail. However, even thats considered a hot number. Anything other than the awful this is not a working number. the number you have reached is either not in service. screech is a good number & it will be sold & passed on to scammers. Just watch & see the calls increase!

August 8 12:39 am
I am on the do not call list and Im still getting stupid calls

August 11 7:14 pm
I also have gotten multiple calls from this number, never was there anything on the other end but a bunch of clicks, until today. Today, I got this is Annette and I have been trying to call you for days, of course this is an automated voice, they give me a number to call back along with a reference number. Am not attempting to call them back since they call at least two to three times a day with nothing but clicks, apparently not trying to hard to contact me.

August 23 2:32 am
Really...and did they ever consider that people like me have a special business number they are calling that CANNOT make toll free calls. Yes, with AT&T if you elect never to make any international or toll free calls businesses get a break on their bills. It is a sufficent break to warrant the inconvenience. Yet I own an Acura, and they have been told several times by the local dealer to leave me a local return number to reach them. They continue to call over 20 times a day and weekends and leave the same dreaded toll free number.You want to solve a problem for business owners, post the ACTUAL number for AFS and I will circulate it myself. They are seriously dense, to call and never leave word, dozens of times a day.

August 12 11:59 pm
I got a text wanting me to setup a PayPal account so they could buy something from me. Weve had several text back and forth asking details about my furniture. I text and said to call me and they text back and said why? I then text and said you SCAM!! RESPOND TO THAT... And of course no response. BEWARE !

August 26 3:33 am
Call from the number May 7, 2010

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