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Phone Listings From Area Code 717-458 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 717-458
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Choice One Communications,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Mechanicsburg
  • County: Cumberland

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Latest Comments for 717-458

August 8 10:07 am
Kansas Fraternal Order of Police. Call at all hours 7 days a week. Have asked them to remove my # from their calling list. Will ask 1 more time then I will report them. Dont know if its for real or not but they are not even in my area code. If I am going to donate, will donate locally. I dont care who they are, they should stop calling once asked!

July 14 6:53 pm
I called him back since he has been calling for my wife. Picked his brain a little while and he eventually got angry and started pinging my network. Of course he was using proxies but my suggestion is to call him every hour on the hour or even more. Let him know how it feels to have your phone blown up with silliness. I have started my calls to him 7/13/2012 and he is just a kid now. I have a lot of recorded messages from him that clearly he admits not being with any organization. Call him and ask for a made up name he will answer with that made up name.

July 22 11:51 pm
I got several harassing calls from Connie Whitney as well. I called her back after she hung up and refused to let me speak to a manager. I let her know to only communicate in writing to me from now on. She is an awful person.

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