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Phone Listings From Area Code 712-584 State Of Iowa

  • Area Code : 712-584
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Sprint Communications Compa...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Spencer
  • County: Clay

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Latest Comments for 712-584

July 12 4:56 am
Received a text from [email protected] with the phone number of 1-210-100-003 relating to a voicemail I left for someone and giving me an and other letters/numbers to view with message: help me identify your calls Is this a bogus? I did call a person by the name indicated at the number indicated. Could this be a valid automatic text response?

July 28 11:17 am
Who are these people texting me? And why are they so persistent? If anyone has information about this, please post. I only have a trac fone-I shouldnt be getting any calls/text from ANYONE unless they are friends.

August 22 5:33 am
i received 11 calls within the space of 4 hours from them. also received 8 call this morning from them as well.

July 14 9:41 pm
do you remember who you talked to? Some guy named Clint keeps calling me. He is very rude. He called my whole family and my landlord looking for me and I dont know what he wants!

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