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Phone Listings From Area Code 712-200 State Of Iowa

  • Area Code : 712-200
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Alta Municipal Utilities Ia
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Alta
  • County: Buena Vista

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Latest Comments for 712-200

July 22 7:19 pm
Calls but doesnt say anything, when I called back to see who it was I was put on hold automatically.

July 30 8:23 am
I have received a phone call from this phone number where I do not have any friends or relatives who live in USA. So I am just worried about the identity of the person who has phoned me.Kind regards.

July 16 10:13 am
Youve got to be joking, sarcastic, or just plain insane. Everyone knows does not work at all.weve all been on it for years and the tele-crap calls never end. You were kidding, right?

July 9 8:21 pm
Oh Look! The Thieving Spammers got a new spoofed number for Christmas!!

July 9 1:24 pm
I got a phone call from this number. It was a telemarketer. I asked to be taken off the call list and the operator got rude with me.

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