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Phone Listings From Area Code 702-513 State Of Nevada

  • Area Code : 702-513
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Las Vegas
  • County: Clark

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Latest Comments for 702-513

August 18 1:35 pm
They cant seem to identify me by telling them the number that they called ( no voice mail allowed on my number so I do not have a reference number . The rep then asks me for MY information.NO WAY! I tell him. You tell me what bank you represent. I cant tell you that until you tell me your name I tell him: If you cant recognize me by the phone number you called then Ill just wait until the business day ( today is Sunday ) to see who is calling.I know that one of my banks discontinued the use of my debit card as a credit card. They did not give me a list of place that I can no longer use it as a credit card although I have figured out that Walgreens and CVS are two of the companies that I can not use my card as a credit card But there are other companies and I have also figured out that if I attempt to use the card and it is declined I then get a phone call. For two weeks the toll free number started with 866. Now Im getting calls from this 877 number.The joke about this fraud detection is that asking for then supplying the caller with basic thing such as the number they called AND your name is enough to work the scam backwards. I wonder when the banks are going to figure out that asking for critical information over wireless phone is a high risk situation. Couple that with not knowing where the person is when they ask you to supply that information is out and out stupid!I heard a girl in a booth at a restaurant supplying name, SS#, DOB, mothers maiden name, her dogs name, her boyfriends name and the last time she.fill in the blank. Anyone with-in ear shot could have had ALL of that information.A password would be much better because it is not aligned with the conversation that a person near by may hear. But this is too complicated for the geniuss in the fraud department to understand.Good luck and think before you volunteer your personal information.

August 14 6:25 am
Spamming the board like this is crazy! How childish can you get! Reported for TOS violations

August 15 11:26 am
Congratulations! Call 877-327-8029 to obtain your $100 gift card now! 2 end reply STOP

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