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Phone Listings From Area Code 701-674 State Of North Dakota

  • Area Code : 701-674
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Dakota Central Telecommunic...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Grace City
  • County: Foster

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Latest Comments for 701-674

August 30 8:44 am
I just got the same thing and when I looked up the law firm I got nothing all it gives me is lawyers names in ny. They told me to call a Eric brown

July 4 3:30 pm
If anyone needs to grow up pal.It definitely would have to be you ! However.It does not surprise me that you would have the gull to post something here. It seems pretty much par for your course.

August 10 1:30 am
I have an idea: Those of us whove received these scam solicitation cards should call and book the visit, ...but, of course, never show up. That would help waste their resources and propel them to the financial ruin they deserve.

July 4 10:09 am
Pinacle Financing...collections

August 6 5:53 pm
Someone called a relative in another state and asked for me. The relative stated that I was unavailable and said he would take a message. The woman identified herself as from the law office of Attorney Brent Stamps. She said to give me a message that this was about an unpaid bill. She gave the amount of the bill and the name of the medical facility due. She said this is an attempt to have me contact them before the debt becomes a civil suit.

August 27 3:25 pm
Caller mentioned employee names in the company and asked confidential questions. Do not give them any information about yourself..

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