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Phone Listings From Area Code 661-200 State Of California

  • Area Code : 661-200
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Valencia
  • County: Los Angeles

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Latest Comments for 661-200

July 3 1:49 am
I just got 3 calls from this number. Claiming I need to get my life together and knowing my name. refusing to tell me who they were. Its kinda rude being awaken at 230 in the morning being a 17 year old girl. Now Im over here thinking Im going to get killed in my sleep. Ridiculous

July 18 3:40 am
Dr. Charles E. Hastey of Montgomery, Alabama. Cardiologist. Mr. Hastey is a Methadone dependent physician that routinely performs proceedures while impaired. Mr. Hastey has previously been in treatment for substance dependence and is currently 60 years old. His failing health and increased use of narcotics should be a concern to any current or prospective patient and to the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners.

July 24 6:37 am
Called my house three times and everytime asked for my 95 yr old grandfather and when I said Im his grandson can I help you they hung up.

July 16 11:39 am
Rogers Towing 603 Huntover Lane Frederick MD 21703,, 2405291433,, Roger's Towing & Recovery is a Towing Service company offering 24 Hour Towing, Tow Truck and Wrecking for the area of Frederick. 24 Hour Towing, Roadside Assistance, Tow Truck, Towing Service, Towing, 24 Hour Towing Frederick MD, Roadside Assistance Frederick MD, Tow Truck Frederick MD, Towing Service Frederick MD, Towing Frederick MD

August 12 9:35 am
I don't know who these mugs are but they call me over 15 times a day like they know who I am. Keep saying I owe over $5000 to a software company, but they can't even tell me the name of the company or who they are. I mean, do they think I'm stupid?

August 1 9:57 am
Text message selling tax advice or help with back taxs

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