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Phone Listings From Area Code 617-694 State Of Massachusetts

  • Area Code : 617-694
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Wayland
  • County: Middlesex

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Latest Comments for 617-694

July 26 3:57 am
It is FEATURE FILMS for FAMILIES and they have more than one number. Got a call earlier today from 415-363-9632 couldnt answer. Received another one from 415-363-9727 answered and that is who it was again said that I had already talked to someone last month about their films and was no longer interested and they got really perturbed.

August 27 9:09 pm
Ive gotten several calls from this number and spoke to someone who claimed they were with Chase. I refused to give them any info, told them to stop calling and then called the number on the back of my chase card. The person I spoke to did confirm that Chase had been trying to call me and that my card was now unblocked. I yelled at the guy (poor guy, it wasnt his fault) for having a system that seems like a scam and for blocking my card without telling me. Hopefully theyll get enough complaints and change the way they do things.

July 13 2:26 am
Same exact message received! Looser text at 7:00 am. Ad was placed on Craigslist as well. Its fraud!

July 21 3:37 pm
Probably not. Just got a new G4 and there blocking feature doesnt work. They say not them. My response is bs and told them so.

August 20 5:38 am
Haha you guys are are to funny have a wondeful day guys

August 29 1:28 am
I actually just recieved a call from this number tonight. I've been recieving calls from this number at random times, but this one I actually caught. It was 9pm. I answered and they asked if I were *my name*. I replied "who is this"? The woman gave me a name I can't remember, then asked me to confirm my name again. I said not until she tells me who she is. She said she was from some "reading company", then asked my name again. Well right as I raised my voice and said "I WILL NOT GIVE MY NAME UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHAT THIS IS REGARDING" she hung up on me. So that made me curious, so I googled the number hoping it would bring up some information. Now after seeing these other posts, I would really like to figure out who these people are. It's just rediculous

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