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Phone Listings From Area Code 563-223 State Of Iowa

  • Area Code : 563-223
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Sprint Communications Compa...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Eldridge
  • County: Scott

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Latest Comments for 563-223

July 13 11:47 am
started getting calls 3 days ago 5 and 6 a day we have centurylink, I leave it to answering machine 1st time asked for my hubby by name and kept saying hello, now nothing. It is very annoying

July 15 5:50 pm
Prove it buddy! I think youre just blowing smoke!

July 17 2:39 pm
You are completely correct. It IS GODADDY. I registered a private domain 2 weeks ago and I have received two calls from them. A customer service survey and a call to ask if I needed any assistance with their products. When you register a private domain, godaddy still has your info. They have to have it. They can call you in accordance with their terms of purchase. This not a scam, this is completely legitimate.I can understand that some people out there are worried that it may be a scam and they are worried (rightly so) about giving private information out over the phone but this company is definitely legitimate.Mmk?

July 20 5:41 pm
File a complaint with the FCC so they can fine or even arrest them.

July 21 4:59 am
WARNING, complete pyscho. He acts normal at first then threates saying he records conversations to incriminate you, he threatens to call the police and expose you or come to you and do physical harm. Thank god it was a hotel and not my home address that he had. His name is WALTER, WORKS AT&T AS A REPAIR MAN

August 18 8:04 pm
This number is prank calling my number

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