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Phone Listings From Area Code 561-287 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 561-287
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Metro Pcs, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Stuart
  • County: Martin

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Latest Comments for 561-287

July 24 8:23 pm
Called here, did not know the number, but was in bad mood and answered (shouted) TALK. Woman or robo on other end went up and i shouted again talk NOW. And hung up on her/it. Dont bother telling me that I have opened the door to other scammers. I have been on Do Not Call for 10 years, and get at least two unidentifiable calls a day. Oh, caller id said Alabama

August 7 4:07 pm
Didn't respond if you don't say a word.

July 22 10:01 pm
Same.  I hit  0  and got a person and told them  "never ever call again, and I'll sue if you do" .

August 18 9:17 pm
Had a phone call from 151-947 7485  at 7:15 am ( I was not happy)

August 20 11:17 am
Yea ive been getting the same calls. So i finally told them to give me the Name of the company that i supposedly owed, the account number money was supposedly deposited in, and informed them that they have to give me proof of debt, so and so forth. The "investigator" Promptly and very rudely told me that they are not required to give me the info on the company that they supposedly got the debt from. After a few words i was told that the company was named "global group holdings" and told that i wasnt getting anymore info out of them and "if you want to know anything else you have to do your own leg work!" They were very annoyed with me because i refuse to verify my info and ssn and immediately began bombarding them with questions. Well, the bogus account number they gave me ended in eight 0s.The so called address they had for me was wrong. And as for global group holdings, after much digging and "leg work" i found a number for them and suprise suprise they've never heard of me.and told me to tell these companies to "stick it where the sun dont shine".

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