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Phone Listings From Area Code 515-743 State Of Iowa

  • Area Code : 515-743
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Greenfield
  • County: Adair

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Latest Comments for 515-743

August 20 8:31 am
You do realize that if you are using your phone or tablet that on the keyboard the c is right above the space bar right? All QWERTY keyboards are like that and texting can be dificult if youhave long nails or large thumbs (no offense Jackie).

July 26 11:15 pm
3rd call since last week just now. I did not answer. No message left by them. I hate spam...

July 22 7:17 pm
There kind of like a car insurance company

August 30 2:52 pm
Exact same scenario for me today. except the first call was from 206-397-1126 TACCESS. Second call moments after hanging up from XFMT ODP 209-220-1908. When I quized the 2nd caller. He said that he was working in a call center in Delaware! When I told him Microsoft didn't have call centers there ( I dont know it they do or not ) he finally hung up on me.

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