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Phone Listings From Area Code 513-724 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 513-724
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cincinnati Bell, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Williamsburg
  • County: Clermont

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Latest Comments for 513-724

August 6 10:05 am
This person that call and said his name was Dave.Did he have any accent at all???

August 2 1:14 pm
they called me at 1am and again at 3:30pm today, 022614. I would not be answering a a Skype on a phone.

August 26 8:45 pm
Your phone company, at least my land line provider, will install a tracker/tracer on your phone if you request it. You activate it by entering a code and the phone company will capture the data for that particular phone number. They will provide the tracked information to your local police. Ask your phone supplier about nuisance/obscene calls. I have CenturyTel phone service, but I think its required of all phone service providers by the PUCO.

August 8 6:58 pm
I have got the same as all the above from my Craigslist add, I even got a $2,000 check From BNSF Railway which I gave to the Sheriff

August 8 11:04 am
I answered and got a VERY loud recording encouraging me to go to their website for some get rich quick scam.  Don't bother answering and wasting your time.  Most certainly don't go to their website and get ripped off!

August 29 9:31 am
I got the same thing, only I didnt answer any of his questions. I asked him to repeat the company name and his name he said it was JV Positions, and his name was Joeseph Peters, then hung up. I tried calling back, and no ring, just a long pause then busy signal. I even resorted to googling the company name, and the closest i found was JV Industrial, out of Texas. I called them, and spoke with a woman who said they would NOT have called me for that reason, or ask me any of that info about completing an online job survey.

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