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Phone Listings From Area Code 417-478 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 417-478
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Toledo
  • County: Lucas

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Latest Comments for 417-478

August 13 10:16 am
This is Kaiser. They use VoIP and this is a call center they have in Walnut Creek or somewhere in the Eastbay. It can come from anywhere that Kaiser represents. Usually when they call you it comes through the closest call center. Each site has one. Then the call is sent over the internet (or in this case the WAN) and dials out on the old copper lines from the closest site to you. This is how they save on long distance calls. VoIP 101

July 4 5:02 pm
Today is the first time they ever called and of course I didnt answer. I dont answer strange numbers I dont know. Now Im upset reading about what these sick people do. Why is it that scams like this are allowed to continue for so long? I have health problems, I dont need this sh#% on top. We dont pay our phone bills to be harassed.

August 22 2:48 pm
this person is talking about doing bodily harm to my family.

July 14 11:37 am
trying to call but no answer

August 28 12:44 pm
I didnt recognize the number so I didn't answer. They keep calling repeatedly, over and over, never leaving a voicemail.

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