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Phone Listings From Area Code 402-817 State Of Nebraska

  • Area Code : 402-817
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Level 3 Communications, Llc...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lincoln
  • County: Lancaster

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Latest Comments for 402-817

July 7 3:10 pm
I to received several calls from this company and it is very scary that they were able to get my information.. I also called the original company and they confirmed that I did indeed repay my loan back 5 years ago. I will take yalls advice and report them to the FTC cause they need to be caught.

July 13 3:02 am
Just got a call from this number but didnt answer. Fearing it was a legit call from another company that I was waiting for I called back. The automated response was that it was non-working number.

August 7 8:51 pm
first of all. feds dont have to call your number to put on a wire tap. the feds listen to every cell phone call there is. freedom baby its called the Patriot Act.. the all zeros coming up on the phone is a cheap bill collector or somebody selling something. so as long as youre not a meth cook or pedophile dont worry about it

August 25 8:23 pm
Call from lower your loan , sometimes tree time a day! When I call back the # is disconnected

August 19 5:36 pm
Just received the same for my web address. Im sure there are those that do go along - otherwise they wouldnt send this crap out. Added to Junk sender list.

July 21 9:36 pm
unrecognized number -never answer

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