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Phone Listings From Area Code 309-662 State Of Illinois

  • Area Code : 309-662
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier North, Inc. Il
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Bloomington
  • County: McLean

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Latest Comments for 309-662

August 26 10:02 pm
Im registered with that no-call site & get no unwanted calls except from 000-000-0; 10-15 times a day.

August 17 8:38 am
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August 9 1:59 am
lol...good point. the guy who phoned me said they had a "report" from my computer the last 2 weeks. I don't run Microsoft Essentials and the only way he would know anything is thru Update which i doubt they use for that purpose. It may be the person who phoned me doesn't even know it's a scam? Very bad English which doesn't help pull off a successful scam and I questioned him about my IP address which he got wrong. Got him to confirm he's in California and his name was Tom Tarker. I asked him to email me the report and he said they are not allowed. Highly suspicious. I told him multiple times I don't know who you are and he kept saying Microsoft. So what anyone can say they are anyone on the phone. For all I know it was Al Queda.

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