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Phone Listings From Area Code 304-660 State Of West Virginia

  • Area Code : 304-660
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : United States Cellular Corp...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Beckley
  • County: Raleigh

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Latest Comments for 304-660

July 29 7:48 am
said they have a case against me; I called back and they said unless I give them more info about myself,they can not talk to me.They told me husband ( he took first call) that they were representing the sheriffs dept. Now they tell me,that they did not say thought. When they answered the pho - they said they were a consulting firm; then later a law firm; every sentence changed who they were. I told them I would have my attorney call them - at that point - give us his number & we will talk with him. I said no. But I do have an attorney.

July 22 6:36 am
This is Bank of America. The number is even listed on the BOA website.

August 20 10:06 pm
Keeps hanging up before I can answer.

July 25 5:25 am
I have gotten more than 4 calls from this number and at my workplace the caller states they work with investigation bureau and I am under investigation for fraud and I owe some kind of money and if I don't pay charges will come against me and they require I send a notarized letter etc... these people are crazy and they have some weird accent too...

July 10 11:08 am
I woke up to this text message alert at 4:16 in the morning.

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