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Phone Listings From Area Code 281-637 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 281-637
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Windstream Sugar Land, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Houston
  • County: Harris

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Latest Comments for 281-637

August 6 10:18 am
Have you reported any of things to the law? You should because I would be scared to. Report it to law inforcement and your general attorney.

July 23 6:05 pm
My phone rang and displayed 270-220-0212 so I rejected the call, the phone immediately rang again from the same number so I rejected it, the phone immediately rang again from the same number so I powered the phone off. I waited a minute then powered the phone on and called the number. I got a recording that said they were WCA and they were sorry they missed my call, so I hung up.

July 11 8:53 am
3/18/2013 6:53 pm Pacific time. Received a call from 201-155-2012, Country: USA, Location: New Jersey (Bayonne, Jersey City, Union City . Male caller spoke English with Indian/Pakistani accent. Said he was calling from Microsoft in Washington State because the "root certificate of my computer was about to expire".I asked him not to call this number, and advised him the number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. I told him I would contact Microsoft during normal business hours and he hung up. Suspect this is a scam to obtain personal information.

August 18 8:32 pm
caller stated he was call from the Philippines and that a virus has infected me computer and I need to turn my computer on immediately and he implied that he could correct the problem. When I told him there was no problem with my computer, he told me it was in the hard drive and it was impacting windows operating systems. I told him he did not know what he was talking about and he told me I needed to go back to school. I hung up. he has called twice now with the same scam. I know someone who actually followed this guys' instructions and their computer was hacked and crashed.

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