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Phone Listings From Area Code 269-463 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 269-463
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ameritech Michigan
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Watervliet
  • County: Berrien

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Latest Comments for 269-463

August 19 7:29 pm
2..they said nothing and they're calling to Puerto Rico. When the number is traced, it says that the phone is disconnected.

July 17 9:27 pm
This is a SCAM. Just got off the phone with them. Dont fall for it.

July 9 8:57 am
Only intelligent answer Ive read on the page. Id give the Nielson Survey a chance myself. Very reputable company.

July 11 2:19 pm
Forward the text to 7726 (short code for SPAM) to your cell provider, who will investigate and block.

August 11 7:53 pm
Using the and any other of those websites still dont work. You still get tons of unwanted calls from salespeople and surveys and whatnot. I have my house phone and cell phone both on the list and it doesnt help for either one. If anything it makes it worse.

August 14 12:32 pm
Got a text: "Congratulations, our entry into our contest last month made you a WINNER. Goto (sic) www (dot) apple (dot) com (dot) textwon (dot) com to claim your prize. You have 24 hours" Pretty sure a legit website does not have .com twice in it's domain (I never knew this was possible, but I'm not typing it into my browser to test it).Received the same text from a different # last week on another phone in our family. Didn't fall for it then, either.

July 24 7:33 am
Numerous calls all hours demanding money on something from years ago that was settled. Saying they are not showing it settled. Payoff was made years ago with their billing & threating calls. One of which there guy had to speak to my husband & they guy threatened to come to our home. Stupid inapporiate behavior & I do not want them calling my cell anymore. Mind you this is the 1st contact I have had with them since 2005. How the obtained this cell # I have no idea, but want it to stop.

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