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Phone Listings From Area Code 262-328 State Of Wisconsin

  • Area Code : 262-328
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Global Crossing Telemanagem...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Milwaukee
  • County: Milwaukee

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Latest Comments for 262-328

August 14 1:24 am
Complete scam. My wife received a call today from this number claiming to be the IRS looking for $4200 in back taxes. He was very rude and claimed the IRS has sent Sheriffs twice to our house in the last 3 months to serve papers but no one answered. He then told my wife to pay the money or the sheriff was going to be sent over immediately. Thats when my wife grabbed me and began to explain who was on the phone and they hung up. After about 10 seconds of internet searching his number and a quick call to our accountant I knew it was a complete scam so I decided to have some fun :)I called back and someone with a younger Indian accent answered hello and I began to ask who this was. He would not answer me so began to lay into him pretty hard about fraud, scams, etc and told him he tried to scam the wrong person this time. This where things got interesting - he yells out I dont want to do this anymore... to someone else as it sounded like handset was a few feet away from his mouth and hangs up...Call back twice - right to a full voice mail. I have cell phones with different area codes (for work), I use the cell and they answer..haha. I said why did you hang up on me, we were just getting somewhere, he hung up again. redial - right to VM. Next cell phone - score! This time a much older and deeper voiced Indian man answers hello and I ask who this is. He says its The IRS, I answer Really, then where is the Sheriff..? He then knew is was me and said Please stop calling and abusing us. I said Then stop threatening people claiming to be the IRS and that I want to know who this is and whats going on, and I wont stop.. . His response was insane, he proceeds to tell me that Its my birthday and I lost my job and Im broke so I was trying to get some quick cash, Im sorry please stop calling now and abusing us.... I said Judging by internet feedback about your phone number it must be your birthday everyday! He hung up and I havent been able to get another answer.haha

August 15 5:02 pm
Just got called by this number. When I picked up on the second ring, all I could hear is ring-back. Promptly hung up and glad I did judging by the messages here. Although it might have been fun trolling them if I had the time.

August 21 12:19 pm
Birth controlled lawsuit

August 21 5:42 pm
Said that I was entered in a contest because I had a major credit card. Asked me my marital status, I said I was not going to give out that info. Then line went dead, then a recording came on. I hung up

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