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Phone Listings From Area Code 251-482 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 251-482
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Teletouch Communications, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Mobile
  • County: Mobile

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Latest Comments for 251-482

August 22 6:34 am
I had the loan through Rooms to go Furniture and then it changed to Citifinancial. This loan was an automatic withdrawal from my bank for a year when my mother called to say why havent you been paying your bills. I asked what she was talking about and she said your furniture. Citi no longer is with Rooms to go Furniture and I had all my bills to show that they were auto withdrawals but behind my back my account was being charged late fees by GE money for which i had no idea that the account was sold too. Received a collections notice but NO BILL. These people called at 1:23 AM screaming on my voice mail about how I am a dead beat and I need to pay my bills. I have proof my bill was paid and that they were underhanded in the switch of accounts. When I tried to call them to pay they wanted my account number I told them I have never received a bill from them to know what the account number was. They proceeded to tell me I was a lying. These PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.

July 8 6:02 am
A woman called this morning asking for my son, regarding "an important business matter". Caller ID listed "Laurel, MD" The woman spoke in barely understandable English. I told her if she truly had legitimate business with my son, they had his phone number, which has not changed in years. She had trouble responding to this in an understandable manner, but what I did get is that she wanted to give me a number to have my son call. I again reiterated that if she had legitimate business with him, they have his number and if they want him to call back they should leave a message.

July 21 2:32 am
this redirects you some where asking you to hold before saying who they are.

August 24 11:54 pm
This is frank McCutcheon jr

July 3 12:22 pm
I too have been ripped off.  Told that the certification testing was included.  It is not.  Class Action is the only way.

July 10 11:30 am
Same 'Sean' above from 17 Oct.

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