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Phone Listings From Area Code 225-737 State Of Louisiana

  • Area Code : 225-737
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Baton Rouge
  • County: East Baton Rouge

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Latest Comments for 225-737

August 30 12:56 am
I received a call from that number and didnt answer. They didnt leave a message. Then an hour later they called me again, so I answered the phone and it was a political poll. They dont want people calling them so they give a bogus number, but it really could be any one when you see 000-000-0. The best thing to do is to answer the phone and ask for the callers company name, phone number, and address. If they dont give you that information theres something fishy about them.

July 24 7:27 am
A machine comes on, keeps calling on block don't know who this is

July 8 7:29 am
I am receiving spam from 253-246-8542, how can I stop the calling?

August 24 10:24 am
I wish they would stop calling....

August 21 6:52 pm
This is an admissions counselor from USC. I asked for information about a Master degree and a counselor called me from this number.

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