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Phone Listings From Area Code 205-643 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 205-643
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Powertel Birmingham License...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Birmingham
  • County: Jefferson

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Latest Comments for 205-643

August 10 8:06 pm
Vendetta posts reported - again!

August 5 4:23 am
I called Wells Fargo... they said no such thing.

August 17 11:17 pm
Im registered with that no-call site & get no unwanted calls except from 000-000-0; 10-15 times a day.

July 3 2:04 pm
Audi prestige safe drive program they call it. Yes, Craigslist ad in Los Angeles. Submitted all the info to the FBI. If you have anymore info please send to me.They told me that they were Prestige Audi Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. So they will send you a check. A check did arrive from a woman name Donna Haber at a Xerox Corporation in Pennsylvania. Check was no good, a total scam. Craigslist is nothing but scams these days. We need to stop using CL. CL needs to be replaced by something better. 775-964-8734 and 732-220-3258 are a part of this scam. We can share info.Caller: Prestige Audi Insurance

August 4 10:15 am
Any number coming up unknown, out of area, unidentified, or in my case on my cel have been getting 000-000-0. I have first hand knowledge as to what causes this as for 13 years I worked at various call center offices starting with Telemarketing.. anytime an autodialer makes calls there are at least 100 individual phone lines running through this machine.. so not one phone is calling you its several hundred.. what happens is when you pick up your phone.. it gets routed to any available agent on the call center floor at any various computer terminal.. where I live we have fairly small call centers averaging about 200-400 people.. some places can have thousands.. so this will explain why someone may not answer RIGHT AWAY when you pick up.. also a clear indicator this is a company calling or a robocall.. a lot of important notices from your state government will come through robocalls but these also tend to have a number originating from your area or your states capital. If anyone is calling you directly that you do not know there are only two possibilities.. 1. they are looking to get new business from you. 2. they are trying to collect on an old debt. thats it.. most people calling you cannot give a direct number because they do not have one.. they may have a front office/secretary line.. a managers line etc.. best way to get off a list is be very insistant on asking for a manager.. usually though if theyre calling YOU your not an existing customer and they WILL hang up on you and someone ELSE will be the one calling you back.. now Ive done inbound work for DTV and AT&T its different when your a customer calling in on your account.. if an agent is refusing to give you their manager theyre being a dick and can get fired easily if anyone pulls up a recording of this call.. all calls are recorded but most are never listened to unless something raises a red flag to management. otherwise calls are randomly selected each month usually out of the 100s and 1000s of calls we take in a given month about 12 are listened to on avg. when someone is calling you keep in mind this was the most entry level job they could get quickly and easily.. they probably really need that [***] job.. dont have to be a dick.. just hang if you get one person harrassing you thats another story.. call the local authorities.. who can then monitor your incoming calls and they have a way of originating where these calls come from and can then take further action if it becomes something along the lines of harrassment or any kind of threatening language comes up.

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