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Phone Listings From Area Code 203-783 State Of Connecticut

  • Area Code : 203-783
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southern New England Teleph...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Milford
  • County: New Haven

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Latest Comments for 203-783

July 2 5:25 pm
Hi I need a gril to night thanks

July 19 8:36 pm
Received two calls today [ actually 3 as one came up as missed call ] from this number... left msgs. similar or same as noted by Not fooled.Just git added to my Selective Fwdn List.While these scumbags can spoof the CID numbers, they cant spoof their return call numbers and actually get any response in order to carry out their scheme so one must presume theyre actual numbers that should be traceable by LEOs. However when I called to tell them to FOFF, I got The person you called is unavailable, please leave a msg. Then with just enough time to tell um to FOFF, but then it says the inbox is full and call back later to lv a msg... strange... if the original robo call doesnt allow personal contact and calling the numbers they ask you to call, how do they get anything from you>db

August 23 1:20 pm
Lol when he said he was getting signals from my computer saying there was something wrong with it i said yeah there has to be because i dont have one. Lol I do have one but as soon as i said that he hung up. The call was from a 700 something area code

August 12 2:40 pm
Hella rude ckaim they have a case against me

July 8 8:17 pm
If you call the number back there is a answering machine that states that the person at this extension is not available,please leave your name and number for them to return your call ,if you press the # sign for more options,you get disconnected

August 15 5:01 pm
I been receive a lot phone calls from this. # i wonder whos behin this phone

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