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Latest Comments

July 14 9:27 am
Call from this number, Caller ID showed Montreal PQ. Didnt answer, left no message.

July 23 4:17 pm
Do you people not watch TV? CBC Marketplace did a show on this last year. They got a hidden camera into the call centre in India where these calls originate. The Canadian DNC list can only stop or fine harassing telemarketing calls that originate in CANADA! How would they fine people in the US or Asia? Canadian telemarketers were fined by them a few months ago, so it does work.Im also getting calls from this number and I dont answer and either should you, as they may be trying to make sure its a good number so it can be passed along to other illegal telemarketers. Be smart, block them or ignore them.

July 29 4:31 am
My daughter uses this number to call us here in the United States from Europe. It is a google app on her I-phone (which she has on airplane mode) and it shows up as coming thru Escondido, CA and there are NO charges! It is great! But every call comes thru this same number because they are using this free google app. No lie...real deal...I was livid when she started calling but checked the bill and all is good after 2 months (we do have unlimited calls, texts, and data).

July 26 10:07 pm
Got a call from this user 3 times today. I didn't answer. Seems suspicious and I do not know anyone in California.

July 10 9:02 pm
I received a call from this number. They spoke to one of my employees....they asked if I worked here and wanted to know my last name and it's spelling. They said they were from "Marvel Investments". When I called back to see what they wanted they answered the phone by saying hello....not hi you've reached Marvel Investments. This made me a little suspicious as to the nature of their call. When I asked what they called for the female who I was speaking with said she didn't know anything about it and hung up on me. Very weird. Most likely they are solicitors, shlepping something no one wants.

August 10 7:26 pm
Isnt it suspicious that when we buy something online, we always get this ugly little red asterisk that indicates required, and we cant proceed until we give them some phone number? And thats the key. SOME phone number. If the scammers spoof numbers, and no one will regulate VOIP, then send these vendors somewhere...interesting...and let them sell THAT number. Send them to some horrible place like the NSA.

July 9 9:51 pm
Calls and hangs up after one ring.

August 12 6:52 pm
It was Merrill Lynch responding to my resume.

August 24 2:28 am
Home protection telemarketing

August 17 10:39 am
She said she was from Best Pay Today.

July 26 1:43 pm
They robo call even if you opt out. Don't press any number. They know its a live number now and they sell your "real" number. What ever happened to the donotcall list? Isn't it inforced?

July 8 5:53 am
Keep receiving call from this number everyday. I would like for them to stop calling me!

July 23 11:38 pm
They need to STOP calling me!!!

August 26 6:40 am
Dont know speakin spanish Recording

July 16 10:14 am
There were several calls in the last hour from this number and when we answered we just heard a beeping sound.

August 21 3:09 pm
I couldn't understand there language....

August 3 3:15 pm
Said they got my resume, asked me if I am interested in a sales job for life insurance. I think this company is american income life, known for scams.

July 24 10:59 pm
I have received numerous calls from this number. The one time I answered it nobody was there. Now I am repeatedly receiving calls from various 800 and 877 numbers with telemarketers selling everything under the sun. I DONT KNOW HOW TO STOP THIS. ANY IDEAS.

July 3 12:53 am
Calls all the time- always hangs up as soon as I answer

August 29 2:35 pm
Just want to know who is calling.