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July 7 2:36 pm
I got that same csll yesterday.

July 5 7:42 pm
I have received a call from this number twice. Sounded like the guy was from India. .. and was wanting to help mefix my computer because it was unprotected and had viruses.. this last time he asked if i was by my computer and I said no and he wanted to know when I was going to be so he could help me fix it. I told him I wasnt sure he was annoyingly persistent so I told him one tomorrow. .. he wanted me to make sure I answered my phone lol. . He didnt call back. . But sounded fishy to me! Dont trust them

August 2 12:53 pm
Spam texted 4/19/2012 4:49pm message: You have been randomly selected for a Best Buy Gift. Get your $1,000 gift card at <bogus website address>.Web site address was made to look like it from Best Buy. did not open the link.

July 10 9:00 pm
Received call from number 4/19 at 10:59a and 4/20 9:12a. Calls went to voicemail, but no answer.

July 6 6:30 am
I don't know anyone in Bangor, Maine. Doe's anyone know who these people are? Still seems a waste of time signing up and expecting anyone to honor " No Call List" !

August 26 3:15 am
Hung up in my face when i told them my husband wasn't home. Then called back n just hung up whe I answered

August 4 6:20 pm
During that 31 day period, after signing up for the Do Not Call list, anyone can call. I heard, in fact, that companies USE the list to harvest #s. So, people CAN read...the A Holes who are calling just found a way to get around the policy! Try not to be do helps no one, not even YOU!

August 4 9:16 am
This is a scam. They told us we need to pay $100 immediately over the phone or wed have to go to court over some old debt that Verizon filed a complaint with the court over. We actually paid it, then thought better of it and cancelled the transaction with our bank, changed our banking info, and spoke directly with Verizon. Verizon stated that they had no such complaint with us, that it was a scam, and to contact the FBI since this is a call being made across state lines. Were following up with the FBI now.Then they called again yesterday!!! I confronted them about being a scam. They became rude quickly and hung up before providing any credentials. Again, this is a scam. If someone is threatening to take you to court, ask every question under the sun you can think of to make sure they are not lying to you. And if they refuse to back up their claims, tell them you are reporting them to the FBI and do it. This was a big wake up call for me. Protect your family and protect yourself.

August 17 11:01 pm
I got one from Mr.Yuu TanakaI am Mr Yuu Tanaka,the Auditor General, First Investment Services Limited,Japan.Please contact me for fund transfer belonging to one of our Late Client H.Miller who bears the same surname with you.silly buggers.

August 18 9:29 am
About a dozen so called (final notices) from those Credit card spammers..I ask them to stop calling and they hang up..I don't have a balance on a CC??????????????????????

August 10 4:25 pm
Phone number (305) 842-6454 does not pull up any info?

July 3 6:46 am
Just received a call from this number 11:45 AM, Dec. 8. Caller ID says from Tuscaloosa AL. I do not know anyone that lives in Tuscaloosa, AL. Number is therefore blocked using Ooma!