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Latest Comments

July 18 9:41 pm
I got contacted by the same guy except he was calling from an ohio number area code 330.This is the contact info he sent me to ship my camera to his brother in africa.Ola Gyimah, P.O. Box NK 432Nkawkaw-kwahu, Ghana0244557755He asked if I had paypal so he can pay for the camera.Good thing I looked up this address to find out it was a scam!

July 11 1:39 am
I have been on the do not call list for 5 years and renew frequently. If a person / company chooses not to comply with the do not call registry then you will get calls from them. You cannot report a number that is unavailable (blocked) or bogus 000-000-0. The do not call list has pretty much become an abject failure. Here is a good article about the effectiveness of the do not call registry and details on what I have summarized. ... list-even-work/

August 13 2:49 am
Called 3 times this past 3 days. No answer.. Spam ...

July 18 3:04 am
called multiple times in one day soliciting!

July 29 3:02 am
I have my residential and cell phone numbers registered on this site and still get these telemarketing and nuisance calls. I now check call display and do not answer any numbers I am not familiar with. If it is important, they will leave a message and I can return the call.

July 22 11:46 pm
I dont kno them so dont call me

August 6 4:56 pm
A Automotive - Auto Repair,Brake Rotor Replacement Waco206 S 11th St Waco, TX 76701254-753-3726A Automotive is offering Auto Radiator Repair Service, Automotive Air Conditioning, Brake Rotor Replacement in Waco, TX. Call for more details.Auto Repair, Automotive Air Conditioning, Brake Rotor Replacement, Auto Diagnostic, Auto Radiator Repair Service

August 2 12:04 pm
I am a Best Buy winner of $1000. gift card from 225-286-7203. Sounds like SCAM to me.To claim use code 5309 at www.bit.Jy/VodWE. also this number was included #82393.12/3/2012.

August 26 7:59 am
Several calls, never leave a message.

August 27 8:44 am
This is a scam. áSpoke to Chief of Police and they received a bulletin on this. áDo not give your bank account information. áThis is a scam. áThe call back number is 206-201-2423.

July 4 10:37 pm
Sorry, yaall, thats me. Just pick it up, and if the call does not interest you, ask the representative (politely please) to remove your number form the call list, you should be all set. Dont hate though please...Im trying to make a living just as honestly as you all.

July 23 2:49 am
When I make call on my Ipad to a phone number it shows up on my phone bills as o. It does not show the number you are calling.

July 21 2:59 pm
Keep calling trying to sell something to me. i ask them to remove me from their calling list.

July 28 4:21 pm
a moving company keeps calling

July 23 4:01 am
Keep calling back to back non stop

August 3 11:53 pm
Again, left a message declaring a time sensitive message. They don't say who the message is for. Sounds fishy.

July 26 6:48 am
They get ur number from accounts made over the internet. If u provide a number, they're using it. They calling me asking for malaw, this not his number.

July 18 12:10 am
invasive measures to scam people and steal identity

August 5 12:27 am
Whoever this person is has been calling my home asking for me, and I do not know who this individual is. My phone number is on a do not call list and is a non-published number. I want this person to stop calling.

August 12 3:55 pm
You have me wondering now! We always got a few but changed to Verizon Wireless with home phone and seems there are more bogus calls now. Have a 2-year contract! Seems this would be grounds to break it.