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Latest Comments

July 18 11:14 am
Some guy asked to speak to my father. when I asked what it was in regaurds to , the jerk hung up.PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call your congressman! My poor father has been slammed with calls from so-called medicare approved diabetic supplies companies. They are scammers preying on the elderly of this company and screwing over our federal goverment. My father has been scammed once 4 years ago they sent him a super cheap glucometer and charged medicare almost $800 for it. They also call sell back braces, incontienence supplies, and cathers! Please help stop the explotation of our elderly!

August 4 4:40 pm
Received calls from US Standard Products and was informed of their safety products. I told the sales rep that I was not interested at the moment, but was directed to download a free catalog on their website. I will take a look when the time comes.

July 9 2:15 am
They called and left no message.

July 19 6:40 pm
Always buy a phone with called ID and a Block Last Caller Number. It always works for me.

July 30 1:34 am
You are wrong! All of my phones have been on the site since it began and I renew them every 5 years as required. The only ones that do comply are real telemarketers. The ones that call are the scam pros. I dont answer and I win every single time. If they are not on my contact list on the phone they dont get a response. Lovin Life without scum bothering us.

August 13 1:04 am
Simple solution! If you have a service where you can forward individual calls to other numbers (e.g. Time Warner phone) then simply pick a number to have the calls forwarded to. In my case, I have calls forwarded to the town dump, other bill collectors, the FBI, The State Police, a brothel in Arizona and finally, a mental hospital. Any one of those options WORK! If the same number tries to call me again, depending on my selection, they may be able to make a date with a hooker or talk to the FBI! In any case, I NEVER hear from them again because the calls are automatically forwarded!

July 3 10:01 pm
forgot my paymentgot a call (

August 10 9:49 am
I was stupid enough to listed to CPS Card Processing Services and signed with them only to get scammed real hard. 1-877-714-9640 DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL

July 3 9:41 am
Want to know why your posts are getting removed? Its because you keep spamming the same CRAP on multiple threads! The TOS clearly states you are not to post for the purpose of spamming. You dont like having your posts removed, the answer is simple: STOP SPAMMING!

August 25 7:03 pm
I sent a message to my husbands cell phone from ATT Yahoo email and this is the # that showed up.

August 20 1:34 pm
I heard that some calls are made from people who are looking to scam you and that if you answer the call, they have access to info. I am not sure if it is true, but I dont want to take any chances.

August 9 4:43 pm
Just got a call from this number with a pre-recorded message. When I answered, the message said "Pre-recorded messages drive me nuts, but don't hang up on me". At that point, I hung up.

August 15 2:37 pm
BEWARE! I had just finished registering for mc and us dot numbers online through the FMSCA and within a minute I receive a phone call from 818 914 6789, pretending to be a federal agent with FMSCA advising me on the next process which is to apply for BOC-3 and UCR and Proof of Insurance. She was efficient and experienced and was confident with whats involved.She charged UCR $150 and BOC $75. I told her for two trucks UCR is about $75..then she said well there are admin fees etc..She asked me for my credit card number. GOVERNMENT AGENT will never ask for a credit card number over the phone. I asked her for her agent #.. however she replied that it was not necessary... this made me think abit more...Then I did a quick search online to find out the number was a scam. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE UNLESS ITS ONLINE WITH SSL MINIMUM 128 BIT.

August 24 11:58 pm

July 4 5:32 pm
On the Galaxy S-4 there is a call reject option. It works great. just click add to reject list and the phone will reject it

August 4 10:14 am
Same thing only i hear a beep just before it says goodbye and disconnects.

August 4 2:49 pm
Received a call from 123-456-7815 and since the number looked phony I hung up.  Ha - screw them.

August 30 5:40 am
I thought it seemed fishy cleaning job 400 a week part time going by the name of Jack Jason

July 13 6:00 am
Not fooled you are 100% correct about the phone companies. They actually make money on the calls because if either you pick it up or your answering machine answers they get paid. Imagine something like a minimum of ten million calls of this type each day. It is ka ching for the phone cos.

August 8 7:13 am
this doesnt work, my phone is registered. these calls still come through.