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Latest Comments

August 6 2:47 pm
Its a pure scam. ... s-7-f/240005023

July 20 10:14 pm
11:27 am call to me in PA. Left no Message. Caller ID said it was from texas

August 12 5:56 pm
They called me early in the morning. I did not pick up the phone, so they kept ringing and ringing... We need tougher laws and stiffer penalties to stop telemarketing harassment.

August 10 9:05 pm
Wow, I got the the EXACT same message 2 hours ago. I mean EXACT same message. I couldn't write down the number because I couldn't hear it.

August 8 12:11 am
This guy called our agency wanting to see,an escort. It's completely "bogus" don't fall for it. 2627 Sunset blvd Hollywood,California 90021 is a Laundry mat in Los Felis,calif. Says his name is "Chris"..cld be black?

July 26 11:09 am
mecca primerica insurasnce.

July 8 2:29 pm
They call 3 or more times a day. Private company selling ATT services. If you have ANY service with ATT they are kind of excempte from the do not call list. Even after you tell them not to call again they continue for weeks! Then silence for a while and, voila, then calls agin BUT they change the caller ID (same area code)...

August 2 2:55 am
Calls arent excepted from this #

August 9 4:51 pm
Spam call at 3 am. Losers.

August 20 5:43 pm
this place calles at least 3 times a day and they leave a recorded message i have no clue what they want and dont know how to block them from calling, anyone know? i have no debt like the rest of you but my ex does maybe its his i heard this is a scam also. Becareful

July 28 11:02 am
Youre right. Ive done a few too. Currently, we dont watch TV since we live in the shadow of a mountain that blocks the regular signal, dont want to pay for dish, and arent interested in the exorbitant cost of having them run cable out to us. We watch only certain shows via the internet or by renting the previous season. I reported this to Nielson when they asked the last time, so I am surprised that they would call me. Maybe they want verification that there are folks out there not watching the tube? No need to get hostile with them. Its all part of the entertainment business. If folks refused to take part in their surveys, then they have nothing to base programing on. So, basically its like not voting for your favorite candidate and then getting angry when they lose. Hope my favorite programs get renewed for another season despite the fact that we watch with a delay.Plus, they give you enough to buy a cup of coffee as a thank you. Pretty cool.

August 7 12:11 am
Its probably the government calling

July 14 10:14 pm
yes I got another call at my job again same one and real nasty to my boss to same thing and I call that no no answer and was only a recording no real person either

July 9 6:32 am
I also received a call from this number at midnight. I just switched from verizon to sprint. I blocked it and now getting calls and text from different numbers. The text said Please enter 9011 into LINE within the next 30 mins. I got six from different numbers within minutes of each other. This better not be some kind of third party charge.

July 10 7:23 pm
Realty Company L. Stiles - Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Agent, Realtor Agent, Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Agency3283 Magazine St, St Louis, MO 63106(314) 226-9688

August 26 5:12 am
trying to get credit card information its not even a real number i called it back to make sure if it wasn't spam and it says its no longer in service or has been temporary disconnected

July 29 10:22 am
Called multiple times, every 30 min for 3 hours. Tried to call back and received disconnect message.

July 5 6:02 pm
theres a call blocking device that can be purchase..holds up to 80 numbers.. I know verizon offers a call blocking plan where you can store up to 25 numbers. the donotcall registry is a bunch of bs.

August 27 10:25 am
been on the for as long as it has been available, even updated every couple years and STILL get these ridiculous bogus calls - but thanks for the suggestion

August 22 8:11 am
Keeps one there