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Latest Comments

August 4 8:46 pm
Same bogus auto warranty company.functional illiterate goes by Jasmine, telling me we received 3 final notices on warranty on 2009 auto expired.NO S...,, really after only 6 yrs...laughed at her. Told her she was an idiot and take my name off her ghetto firms list.

July 8 12:26 am
I got a text from this number saying "You have been randomly selected for a BestBuy gift. Get your $1000 gift card at ". I have no idea who this is or what it's about but would love to know. Wish I could rely on it to be true!!!

August 27 7:58 am
Received this text in response to a craigslist ad. Thinking it's the beginning of a scam. There is nothing specific in the text about the boat I was selling."hi my name is joey and im messageing you about your ad could you please email me more information on it . cash in hand.thanks ."

August 25 4:56 am
I saw an earlier note that said it was a company called CES which I believe stands for Consumer Energy Solutions which is a telemarketing company based in Clearwater, Florida calling regarding electric service. I also received a call at work and then my cell. I didn't answer either time and they left no voice mail.

August 18 12:33 am
Since early this morning my cell phone has been receiving a message of pictures being sent. When I clicked to view, there was nothing. Im glad there wasnt, based on the info from reading everyones comments here. This is the first time something like this has been sent to my phone. Usually just a hang up or some lame auto message. Guess the creeps are finding other ways to reach us.

July 2 6:48 am
Calling several times a day but when I call back caller never available

July 23 8:51 am
Same issue here. I get them on my ring central numbers and cell phone.

August 18 3:19 pm
Your spam has been blocked and reported

August 30 6:06 am
I have received this before also. Never answered so I looked it up and now Im telling those out there that I put the word Never as the name for a contact and now I know if I get the number again I wont be curious. I know it is a scam. Cant control them robo calling but I now I wont be curious. Merry Christmas.

August 26 7:26 pm
Well I would except that if that was true- no one at my phone number has prescriptions at all and called WalMart myself and they dont even have my number on file...SPAM!

July 23 7:24 am
I have been receiving calls from this number 000-000-0.not a valid number.

July 18 11:06 am
TEST is simply another one of the spoofed identities used by the card service scammers in their attempts to fool us into giving them our credit card numbers, so they can rip us off!

July 20 8:48 am
Same Craigslist scammer. He also wants me to ship my laptop to Africa for his brothers business trip. Offered to pay up front,$100 over my asking price (to cover shipping) sight unseen, only via PayPal. Plenty of PayPal based scams out there.

July 6 6:04 am
I was out when the call came in from this number, but I can see from the comments its the same bunch of scammers who have harassed me using Michigan and New York City number. They have called after 9 p.m. numerous times. Telemarketers are by law only allowed to call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. I am on the Do Not Call Registry and get no telemarketing calls other than from these scammers. I knew instantly they were scammers because I dont have any Windows computers. I use Linux.If you are not on the Do Not Call Registry at, get on it and report every one of these scam calls. They are trying to find people dumb enough to believe them and spend anywhere from $179 to $300 on supposed anti-virus software which does not work. DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow them remote access to your computer. They can seriously mess with it if they get ticked off at you, or just because they can. I have read of cases where this has happened.Also, if they start harassing you with multiple calls, remind them that their employer records calls and will probably fire people making calls that arent going to make them any money. I used to work in customer service for several major cell phone providers. They really do monitor calls.

August 22 5:34 am
you are likely the one putting out these calls. as no no one answers these calls.

August 27 11:25 pm
Machine called me asking for someone that I've never even heard of! When I called back the man said he'd take my # off their list when I kindly reminded him that I have had this # for 6 years and I did not know the man they were looking for but perhaps the attorney general may help them out :)

July 5 4:31 am
So Annie, how are things going there now?

August 13 8:38 am
Although registering on the National Do Not Call List will stop some of the annoying calls, there are ways for these people to get around it. Such as using a fake number like 1-000-000-0. You cannot file a complaint with the Do Not Call website when you receive calls from numbers like this as no one on the planet has this phone number. Many telemarketer companies and scam artists use programs to hide the number of the phone they are calling from causing your caller ID to come up with Unknown Caller, Out of Area, or Name Not Found along with a bogus phone number like the one above.

July 1 8:28 am
Robo caller, put on auto-reject list.

August 26 12:57 pm
Received call from this number trying to steal my idenity I guess hung up when I didn't want to give them my. Credit number